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Full-Day Workshop

Seminar: Exploring Auditory Defensiveness: A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment and Treatment

Do you truly understand the impact of the auditory system on function? What happens to our arousal level when there are disruptions in the way we process the sounds from our environment? How would it feel to be constantly bombarded by the sounds in your life? More importantly do you know how to treat from a whole body perspective when these challenges occur? Signs and symptoms of auditory defensiveness may present themselves as classic sensory defensive behaviors. However, that is not the only manner in which disruptions in the auditory system and audition leave someone vulnerable to becoming defensive. These defensive processes start early in life and if not addressed will continue to impact an individual’s level of participation and overall quality of life.

Dates:20 Jun 2017 (Wed)
Time:9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue:Village Hotel Bugis.
390 Victoria Street, #05-01
Singapore 188061
Speaker: Sheila Frick

Sheila Frick OTR is an internationally esteemed clinician, lecturer, and pioneer in Occupational Therapy. She has over 30 years of clinical experience, having worked in psychiatry, rehabilitation, and home health before specializing in pediatrics. Her expertise includes sensory processing dysfunction, sensory integration, and auditory interventions. She created and continues to expand Therapeutic Listening, which she has taught to over 10,000 therapists worldwide. She also lectures on such topics as clinical neurology, respiration, the vestibular/auditory system, and various auditory interventions. She is the creator and author of Listening With the Whole Body: Clinical Concepts and Treatment Guidelines for Therapeutic Listening, and co-author of Core Concepts in Action, Astronaut Training, Out of the Mouths of Babes, and M.O.R.E: Integrating the Mouth with Sensory & Postural Functions.

Course Outline

In this workshop, participants will explore the functional implications of auditory defensiveness (and misophonia) and the direct link between the auditory system and primary movement patterns. This workshop will delve into the orienting-defensive continuum and the physiologic impact of a defensive response on movement patterns, arousal levels, and function.Participants will begin to understand how auditory defensiveness and gravitational insecurity often present together and may represent an emerging sub-type of sensory defensiveness centered around spatial difficulties. Video and case presentations will highlight simple auditory and movement treatment strategies essential for fostering fluid orienting and adaptability within the environment.

Course Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between auditory defensiveness and auditory defensiveness originating from spatial difficulties.
  2. Identify the impact of a defensive response on an individual’s movement and holding patterns
  3. Select three treatment strategies essential to address auditory defensiveness from a whole body perspective
  4. Understand when to precisely implement each of the three different types of auditory treatment tools depending on client’s clinical picture
Who Can Benefit?

This workshop is appropriate for individuals (special needs teachers, therapists and parents) in private practice, schools, and community settings looking for new and innovative ways to address auditory defensiveness through both sound and movement approaches. No prior experience with auditory interventions is required to participate in this workshop.

Course Fees & Closing Dates
Registration Type Closing Date Fees (S$)
15 Feb 2018 480
Normal Till Full 530