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*VCF APPROVED Funding for Singaporean/PR/Foreigner VWO Staff
S$480 per pax

Full-Day Workshop

Seminar: Hanen – SPARK Communication™

SPARK Communication™ is an intensive 2-day Hanen training designed specifically for professionals who work with young children with language delays and their families. Participants learn research-based responsive interaction strategies - drawn from Hanen’s It Takes Two to Talk® guidebook and program - that are known to accelerate children’s early language development. They also learn how to coach parents to apply these strategies during everyday interactions with their child to make language learning a natural, ongoing process for the child.

Time:9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue:Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium.
317 Outram Road
Singapore 169075
Speaker: Jo Bristow

Jo Bristow, B.Sc. (Hons), is a speech and language pathologist who has over 20 years experience working with children who have intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder. As a Hanen Instructor, Jo is contracted by The Hanen Centre to lead It Takes Two to Talk® certification workshops and SPARK workshops. She is a long-time Hanen member, who uses It Takes Two to Talk® resources in her clinical work, as well as offering It Takes Two To Talk® Programs to families.

Course Outline

The SPARK Communication training includes:

1. Two days of intensive group training

Participants attend two days of hands-on training in which they:

  1. learn how to apply evidence-based responsive interaction strategies with the children on their caseload to promote early communication development
  2. learn to implement a “best practice” coaching model so parents learn to apply interaction and language-building strategies with their child consistently and across contexts

2. Online follow-up

Following the training, participants have the option of attending quarterly online follow-ups, where they gain further support on the application and integration of what was learned during the training, and they receive additional language-building strategies.

Course Objectives

Based on current research and best practice, SPARK Communication offers the framework early (childhood) intervention providers need to effectively support children’s early communication development by making parents a central part of the intervention process. By taking this training, providers learn:

  1. The four early communication stages and styles, and how the various interactive roles parents play affect their child’s opportunities to interact and learn
  2. The evidence-based interaction and language building strategies that accelerate early communication development
  3. A coaching framework for involving and teaching parents so they play a key role in facilitating their child’s early communication development
  4. A concrete plan for applying the SPARK coaching framework and interaction strategies with the families on their caseload
  5. A set of outstanding resources to support their daily work with families
  6. A common language and approach to use with other members of multidisciplinary teams in order to provide consistent and cohesive service to each family and across contexts
Who Can Benefit?

SPARK Communication is most valuable to those working within multi-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary and Key Worker models to support young children with language and/or developmental delays. These professionals include: early (childhood) intervention providers, physical therapists, early childhood special educators, social workers/family therapists, special education teachers, psychologists, early intervention administrators, direct care staff/therapy assistants, occupational therapists and nurses/medical staff

Course Fees

Fee per pax is S$1,250 (Fee shown is before VCF funding)

*VCF APPROVED Funding for Singaporean/PR/Foreigner VWO Staff
S$480 per pax