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*VCF Approved: Funding of $720/pax for Singaporeans/Singapore PR

Full-Day Workshop

Seminar: OTIPM – Occupational Therapy Intervention Process Model

The OTIPM course is a 3-days training which includes both theoretical and practical components with an emphasis on individual and group activities that introduces the occupational therapist to (a) non-standardized occupation-focused and occupation-based evaluations of quality of a person’s occupational performance, including the performance of daily life tasks that involve social interaction and (b) occupation-focused documentation.

Dates:May 2019
Time:9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Venue:Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium.
317 Outram Road
Singapore 169075
Speaker: Kristin Bray Jones, MS

Kristin Bray Jones, MS, OTR/L is the Director of The Center for Innovative OT Solutions, headquartered in Colorado, United States. She travels internationally teaching courses on The Occupational Intervention Process Model (OTIPM) and The Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS). Her practical experience implementing the OTIPM into her occupational therapy practice has been the topic of two international keynote speeches. She recently co-authored a textbook chapter about implementing the OTIPM with Anne G. Fisher, the developer of the model.

Course Outline

Day One

  • Occupational therapy – Enabling everyday doings
  • Types of occupational therapy interventions
  • Introduction to the OTIPM
  • Case application – Client-centered performance context
  • Case application – Client centered performance context (continued)
  • Document background information, reason for referral, and self-reported level of occupational performance

Day Two

  • Case application – Implement performance analysis (motor and process skills)
  • Case application – Document baseline level of performance and client-centered goals
  • Case application – Document client-centered goals (continued)
  • Case application – Plan intervention
  • Document intervention plan
  • Reevaluate and document result

Day Three

  • Introduction to a general OT program based on OTIPM
  • Case application – Implement performance analysis (social interaction skills)
  • Case application – Document baseline level of performance and client-centered goals
  • Case application – Plan intervention and evaluate results
  • Framing function from an unique occupational therapy perspective
  • Some final thoughts
  • Implementing changes in practice – Overcoming obstacles
  • Implementing changes in practice – Overcoming obstacles (continued)
  • Final reflections
Course Objectives

At the conclusion of a 3-day OTIPM workshop, the participants will understand:

  • The occupation-centered professional reasoning process defined in the OTIPM
  • Distinctions between restoration, acquisition and compensation as well as the distinctions between preparation, rote exercise or practice, simulated occupation, restorative occupation, acquisitional occupation and adaptive occupation
  • Which evaluation and intervention methods that are OB,OF, both OB and OF, and neither OB nor OF
  • How to apply true top-down and OC reasoning in the context of implementing OB and/or OF evaluation and intervention methods, and when documenting a client’s OF baseline, goals and outcomes of occupational therapy services
  • How to link other occupational therapy models of practice and evaluation methods into the occupational therapy intervention process
Who Can Benefit?

Occupational therapist (OT)

Course Fees