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Full-Day Workshop

Seminar: LINDAMOOD-BELL SERIES - Talkies® Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Expression

This course explores the sensory-cognitive processes basic to language comprehension and expression. One of the primary goals of the course is to make class members aware that there is a specific sensory-cognitive function basic to language comprehension and critical thinking. Class members will learn the role of concept imagery in oral language comprehension and oral language expression. Class members learn to develop concept imagery for all ages of students in one-to-one, small-group, and classroom settings. Study and supervised practice allows class members to learn Socratic questioning in "responding to the response" to develop sensory-cognitive functions, and integrate the steps into any curriculum, reading program, language arts program, and all content instruction. Information and techniques are gained through discussion, demonstration, video, reading, and supervised practice.

Talkies is for younger students or students with more severe language delays (close to non-verbal).

Dates:08 and 09 Sep 2021 (Wed and Thu)
Time:9.00am - 5.00pm (Singapore Standard Time GMT+0800)
Venue:Live Online Training
Speaker: Brilliana Rawlins

Brilliana Rawlins has worked in education for nearly 20 years. Her background is in math education at the secondary level. Brilliana has been with Lindamood-Bell for 14 years and has engaged in professional development in over 40 states and 5 countries, training thousands of educators in the research-validated programs authored by Lindamood-Bell’s founders. She has facilitated a wide range of initiatives, including Special Education grants, second language acquisition, and dyslexia law implementation. As the Manager of International Endeavors, Brilliana collaborates with educators from around the globe on a daily basis. She currently lives in Reno, Nevada, USA.

Course Outline
  1. The Gestalt and Imagery’s Role
    1. Dual Coding Theory
    2. Visualizing & Verbalizing®
  2. The Reading Paradigm and Integration of the Sensory-cognitive Functions: Phonemic Awareness, Symbol Imagery, and Concept Imagery
  3. Talkies® Guide
  4. Overview of the Talkies® Program Steps
  5. Sensory Language Play
  6. Talking Words
  7. Talking Sentences
  8. Simple Picture to Picture
  9. Simple Word Imaging
  10. Simple Sentence Imaging
  11. Talking Picture Stories
  12. Simple Sentence by Sentence
  13. Sample Lesson Plan
Course Objectives
  1. Understand the sensory-cognitive factors that underlie the development of language and literacy skills.
  2. Understand the gestalt of the reading process as an integration of parts, as processed through the sensory system.
  3. Acquisition of specific techniques to develop the imagery-language connection for oral vocabulary and basic concepts: first at the receptive level, then the expressive level, and finally, imagery practice.
  4. Acquisition of specific techniques to develop concept imagery and increase the complexity and length of sentences in expressive language.
  5. Acquisition of specific techniques to develop verbalization from a picture, to increase the length and complexity of expressive language.
  6. Acquisition of specific techniques to develop visualization and verbalization of a single word.
  7. Acquisition of specific techniques to develop visualizing and verbalizing for a single sentence.
  8. Acquisition of specific techniques to develop gestalt imagery from given pictures in the correct sequence of events and extend expressive language into a story summary.
  9. Acquisition of specific techniques to develop and verbally describe an imaged gestalt from simple, connected sentences.
Who Can Benefit?

Early Childhood Education Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Speech Language Pathologists, Learning Support Coordinators, Autism Specialists, Severe Language Delay Specialists

Course Fees & Closing Dates
Registration Type Closing Date Fees (S$)/pax
15 Jul 2021 2000
Normal Till Full 2200

At Bridging Talents we're committed to high-quality, genuine professional development. As such, we've partnered directly with Lindamood-Bell on this course. It will be taught by a highly-qualified Lindamood-Bell presenter and employee with many years of experience. As part of this partnership, Lindmaood-Bell has asked us to post the following disclaimer:

Bridging Talents Pte Ltd is NOT Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. Bridging Talents Pte Ltd is NOT affiliated with, certified, endorsed, licensed, monitored or sponsored by Lindamood-Bell, Nanci Bell, Phyllis Lindamood or Patricia Lindamood. LindamoodBell - an international organization creating and implementing unique instructional methods and programs for quality intervention to advance language and literacy skills - in no way endorses or monitors the services provided by Bridging Talents Pte Ltd.