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2 Half-Day Workshops

Seminar: Play Therapy Approaches In Working With Children And Families With Attachment Difficulties

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This course aims to provide knowledge and train skills for clinicians on how to work with children and families who experience attachment disorders. The knowledge is to set the foundation for understanding attachment disorder from the lens of attachment theory, developmental trauma and neurobiology. The skills will include specific steps of using Play Therapy to assess and treat children and families who experience attachment difficulties.

Dates:08 and 09 Jun 2022 (Wed and Thur)
Time:8.30am - 1.00pm (Singapore Standard Time GMT+0800)
Venue:Live Online Training
Speaker: Hannah Sun-Reid, MA, MDE, CPT-S, CTT, CTS, CDDPT, RP

Hannah Sun-Reid is a Certified Play Therapist, Supervisor, and an Approved Provider with CAPT. She is a certified DDP practitioner, consultant and trainer. Hannah is also certified in Theraplay and extensively trained in Sandtray Worldplay, EMDR and TIR. Hannah has 30 years’ experience working with children and families who experience life challenges including developmental and emotional difficulties, trauma and loss. Hannah provides supervision and consultation to therapists and organizations, and conducts training workshops nationally and internationally. Hannah is also an author of children’s books and therapeutic games. She lives and works in Ontario Canada. www.hannahsunreid.com

Course Outline

Day 1. Intervention-oriented Assessment using Play Therapy approaches

The participants are expected to have prior knowledge about the theories of attachment, developmental trauma, and neurobiology. The first part of the day will focus on identifying the symptoms and signs of children with developmental trauma, then we will focus on the play activities to use for each of the following aspects of the assessment, in order to generate interventions.

  1. View of self, others and the world – internal working model; attachment pattern
  2. Strengths: identifying attachment figures
  3. Capacity of mentalization and reflection/narratives
  4. Strategies to deal with distress, pain, fear and shame/default networks
  5. Capacity to seek and accept comfort; capacity to trust
  6. Capacity to experience joy and pride
  7. Parent-child relationship

Day 2. Treatment Interventions using Play Therapy approaches

The second day intends to cover the practical Play Therapy activities / approaches for fostering healthy attachment relationships. The participants will be provided with opportunities to role play the activities shown.

The following are the target areas to foster healthy attachment relationships by using Play Therapy approaches:

  1. Creating safety: finding safe people and safe places
  2. My feelings and me – increase understanding of emotions and how it relates to self
  3. Degree of safety – increase awareness of safety boundaries
  4. From fear to safely scared activities/safety plans
  5. Resources - My support team; digging for treasures
  6. What happened to me - create new narratives
  7. Using stories
  8. Teaching brain science using play activities
  9. Parent-child interactions – increase open and engaged parent-child interactions, and increase capacity to experience joy in healthy attachment relationship
  10. Hope – increase capacity to mentalize positive future
Course Objectives

The aims of this training are:

  • Understand the concept of attachment security and internal working model
  • Identify attachment patterns related to attachment difficulties and how they are displayed
  • Learn how to use Play Therapy approaches to do intervention-oriented assessment
  • Learn how to use Play Therapy approaches to conduct treatment interventions for children and families with attachment difficulties
Who Can Benefit?

The target audience can be professionals working with children and families who experience relational difficulties, such as social workers, child protection workers, support workers.

Course Fees & Closing Dates
Registration Type Closing Date Fees (S$)
30 Apr 2022 450
Normal Till Full 500