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3 Half-Day Workshop

Seminar: Music-based DIR Floortime and Circles of Communication for multidisciplinary teams of Professionals

This course will discuss how making music with others is an embodiment of relational affect and social communication. Circles of communication are naturally embedded within musical play interactions and can occur in two forms 1) simultaneous play in which therapist and child are musically interacting simultaneously and 2) antiphonal play in which therapist and child engages in alternate play responses (i.e., turn taking).

Dates:13-14 Mar and 21 Mar 2023 (Mon-Tue and Tue)
Time:8:30am - 11:30am (Singapore Standard Time GMT+0800)
Venue:Live Online Training
Speaker: John A. Carpente
John A. Carpente, Ph.D., MT-BC, LCAT, is a Professor of music therapy at Molloy University, founder & executive director of the Rebecca Center for Music Therapy, owner of Developmental Music Health Services and founding director of the Center for Autism and Child Development at Molloy University. He is the Founding music therapist and creator of the DIRFloortime-based music therapy clinical and training program at the Rebecca School in New York City.

Dr. Carpente has over 20 years of clinical, research and supervisory experience working in a variety of clinical settings serving children, adolescents, and adults with a range neurodevelopmental and emotional challenges. He received his Bachelor of science degree from Molloy University and Master of Arts degree at the Steinhart School of Education at New York University. He completed his Ph.D. from Temple University where he received several research and clinical practice awards for innovation and contributions to the field of music therapy.
Course Outline

Day 1 (3 hours)

  • Welcome and overview
  • DIRFloortime theory and model
  • Research
  • Behavioral vs. Developmental Approaches to autism
  • Developmental Levels (“D”)
  • Individual-Differences (“I”)
  • Relationship (“R”)

Day 2 (3 hours)

  • Affect-based theory / affect diathesis theory
  • Linking theory to practice
  • Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities 1-6
  • Floortime: what is it and what isn’t it
  • Music interaction as developmental health
  • Linking functional emotional developmental levels in musical-play
  • Domain areas targeted by music within the context of FEDCs

Day 2 (3 hours)

  • Applying music-based interventions and techniques
  • Overview of room set up and preferred instruments
  • Exploring the voice and the role of melodic singing to facilitate engagement
  • Role and of rhythm and percussion
  • What may get in the way of the non-musician therapist?
  • Clinical-music techniques such as: imitating, reflecting, synchronizing, extending, incorporating, and rhythmic grounding
  • Q & A
  • Wrap-up
Course Objectives
  1. The presentation will share ideas on how music and Floortime may be used in tandem with music to foster circles of communication and foster self-regulation, engagement, and reciprocity. Video examples and live musical demonstration will be used to illustrate concepts.
  2. It will provide participants with learning opportunities focused on how to facilitate musical-play interactions through the use of percussion play and singing.
  3. It will teach clinicians, educators and parents on how to use music to foster self-regulation, 2-way purposeful communication and engagement.
Who Can Benefit?

all healthcare providers (i.e., SLP, OT, PT, MT, AT etc.), educators (teachers) paraprofessionals and parents

Course Fees & Closing Dates
Registration Type Closing Date Fees (S$) /pax
31 Jan 2023 480
Normal Till Full 530