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3 Full-Day Workshop

Seminar: Bridging PROMPT Technique to Intervention

This 3 day course teaches clinicians more about the technique of PROMPT but also focuses on setting appropriate goals and objectives for the individual within the PROMPT framework. This training assists clinicians to enable therapy to be incorporated across a range of setting, including the home environment, while maintaining a focus on the key needs for the individual to assist them to develop to their potential.

Dates:25 to 27 Aug 2023 (Fri to Sun)
Time:9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue:RNN Conference Centre
Speaker: Karin Brinkmann

Karin Brinkmann has worked in her own private practice since 1991, where she sees a broad variety of children with speech-, language- and/or feeding problems. Besides working with these children, she also lectures on sensory processing disorders, specifically for speech- and language therapists, and on PROMPT. She has been involved with PROMPT Institute with the translation of PROMPT teaching manual into Dutch.

Course Outline

Day One

  1. Questions about using PROMPT in your daily practice.
  2. PROMPT Philosophy Overview
  3. PROMPT Application/Operating Principles
  4. Review and practice of arm-hand positions, head support, a variety of sitting positions, mandibular, mylohyoid and facial finger placement positions
  5. Worksheet #1
  6. Review Parameter, Complex and Surface PROMPTs
  7. Introduction of Syllable PROMPTs
  8. Motor-phoneme review, at the sound, word, and phrase levels
  9. Worksheet #2
  10. Application of different PROMPTs, why and when
  11. Biological determinants and developmental changes affecting dynamic systems
  12. Discussion of planes and movement, Motor Speech Hierarchy and selected case foci

Day Two

  1. Discussion of PROMPT Treatment Phases, goals and objectives Discussion of PROMPT evaluation, levels or intervention, and Communication Focus
  2. Practice time
  3. Worksheet #3
  4. Key Components.Start Case Study #1
  5. Observation of Domains
  6. Observation of Speech-Motor System
  7. Development of Communication focus goals and objectives,lexicon and activities
  8. Begin Case Study #2
  9. Observation of Domains
  10. Observation of Speech-motor systems

Day Three

  1. Continue and complete Case Study #2
  2. Group discussions and illustrations of how different groups identified domain strengths and weakness, selected major areas of Communication Focus, selected and identified priorities on the Motor Speech Hierarchy, determined plane (s) of movement to begin, organized lexicons, selected PROMPT types, goals and objectives, and determined activities
  3. Continue group work on Case Study #2
  4. Group work on Case Study #3
Course Objectives

Participants will be able to :

  1. Describe and Apply the PROMPT Application principles and Technique.
  2. Differentiate and Apply, alone or in conjunction, PROMPT Parameter, Syllable,Complex and Surface PROMPTs with varying speech production disorders.
  3. Describe and Demonstrate the three planes of movement and how they are used in PROMPT.
  4. Identify initial Parameters and priorities to begin goal setting with various client exemplars.
  5. Develop motor-speech goals that bridge technique to language and social interaction.
Who Can Benefit?

Speech Language Therapists only

Course Fees

Registration Type Closing Date Fees (S$)**
15 May 2023 1800
Normal Till Full 2000