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Past Workshops

  1. Voicecraft for Voice Professionals
  2. 1-Day Incorporating PECS across the day
  3. PECS Basic
  4. PECS Advanced
  5. PECS Review Practice and Problem Solving
  6. Pyramid Approach to Education Overview
  7. Picture Exchange Communication Systems Overview
  8. Teaching 9 Critical Communication Skills
  9. Teaching Communication Skills for Independence
  10. Discovering Your Child Through Art Therapy
  11. Social Stories™ - How to Write and Implement a Social Story
  12. TEACCH - Creating Learning - Rich Environment for Young Children with ASD : The Differences in Thinking, Essentials of TEACCH Structured Teaching and Assessment and Teaching of Basic Communication Skills
  13. TEACCH - Promoting Social Development and Positive Behaviour, Beyond the Basics : A personal self-assessment for teacher
  14. Art Therapy
  15. Developing Emotions and Problem Solving Skills
  16. Teaching Choice Making Skills
  17. Donna Williams Lecture Series
    • Autism As A Fruit Salad
    • Kinaesthetic Learners on the Spectrum
  18. Basic Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  19. Autism Specific Behavior Therapy and Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) Home/School Teams (for young children with autism and moderate severe disability)
  20. Promoting Potential through Motivation - Ideas and Strategies for Different Learning Disabilities
  21. Understanding and Dealing with Dyslexia
  22. Using RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) Principles to Understand and Manage Behaviour
  23. An Introduction to Dr Stanley Greenspan's DIR / “Floortime” Model in Concert with a Sensory Processing Approach
  24. DIR - Development al Individual-Difference relationship Model “Floortime”
  25. A symphony of musical strategies to enhance young children's speech, language, emergent literacy and communication skills
  26. How to be a confident public speaker?
  27. Emotion Management & Strategies for Individuals with Austism & Asperger's Syndrome
  28. Healthy Sexuality for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disability
  29. Development of Adaptive Sexual Skills for Individuals with Autism & Asperger's Syndrome
  30. Dysgraphia: A Kinaesthetic Approach to Handwriting training
  31. Handling Sensory Issues in the Classroom
  32. Hanen - Teacher Talk A : Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood
  33. Hanen - Teacher Talk B : Let Language Lead the Way to Literacy
  34. Hanen – Teacher Talk C : Fostering Peer Interaction in Early Childhood Settings
  35. Learn to Play
  36. 2-Day Workshop: Visual Strategies: The Key to Improving Communication, Behaviour and Social Skills
  37. 1-Day Seminar: Visual Strategies for Improving Communication, Behaviour and Social Skills
  38. Stop Think Do
  39. Stop. Think. Do - Train the Trainers
  40. Engaging Individuals Through Drama & Imaginative Play
  41. Classroom Strategies for managing Behaviours of students with ADHD, ADD and Dyslexia
  42. Positive Connections with Learning
  43. Dyscalculia and Mathematics - Related Anomalies
  44. Specific Language Impairment in Children
  45. Achieving High Voice Performance for Teachers
  46. Managing ADHD : Instructional and Behavioural Strategies, Supports & Interventions
  47. Express your feelings though Music Therapy
  48. Brain Gym : Fun & Motivation for Learning
  49. Brain Gym Advanced
  50. Behavior Intervention in Autism & Asperger's Syndrome
  51. Teaching Social Skills in Autism & Asperger's Syndrome
  52. The Spectrum of Autism, Life & Learning
  53. Understanding and Working with Autism
  54. Sex, Sexuality and Autism
  55. Impact of Visual Skills Upon Learning
  56. Supporting Children with Speech Sound Disorders (SSD)
  57. Speech Sound Disorders: The Basics and Beyond II
  58. Strategies in Enhancing Memory and Teaching using Games and Mind Maps based on Pupils' Differentiation
  59. Struggling in Mathematics
  60. Foundations of Play Therapy
  61. Special Interventions: Skills and Techniques in Child Centered Play Therapy
  62. Creative activities with Children and Adolescents
  63. Developing Children’s Minds: How We Can Facilitate A Child’s Development Through Everyday Experiences
  64. Setting Up A Life Skills Programme
  65. What To Do After A Meltdown
  66. Using Hanen More Than Words Approach To Facilitating Communication through Daily Interactions
  67. Assessing & Teaching Social Skills, Self Esteem & Friendship Skills
  68. The Epidemic of ADHD: The Myths and Challenges of Treatment
  69. Supporting Children with Dyspraxia
  70. Memory Improvement Workshop
  71. Memory Improvement Workshop for Children
  72. Developing Social Thinking in Individuals who are Moderate to High Functioning with Social Communication challenges
  73. How to Facilitate Dynamic Thinking through Everyday Experiences
  74. Facilitating the Development of Social Referencing Through Everyday Experiences
  75. Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  76. Parents and Children Together (PACT) A broad-based Approach to Phonological Intervention
  77. Get Set For SchoolTM (GSS) & Handwriting Without Tears® (HWT) GSS Literacy & Maths
  78. Get Set For SchoolTM (GSS) & Handwriting Without Tears® (HWT)
    GSS Readiness & Writing Workshop AND HWT K to 5th Grade Handwriting
  79. Handwriting Without Tears® (HWT)
    The Print Tool® Workshop
  80. Sound Reasoning: Therapy Targets and Techniques for Children with Speech Sound Disorders
  81. Dance Therapy - Looking through the Lens Into the Inner World
  82. Drawings of Children with Special Needs: The Archetypes and Their Meanings
  83. The Child-Initiated Pretend Play Assessment (ChIPPA)
  84. HANDLE® Course Level I & II : Holistic Approach to Neurodevelopment and Learning Efficiency
  85. Introduction to PROMPT
  86. Bridging Prompt Technique to Intervention
  87. The Art in Personal Development
  88. Supporting Children of Trauma through Therapeutic Art
  89. Discovering the Possibilities with Visual Strategies: Meeting the Communication, Behavior & Social Skill Challenges in Autism Spectrum Disorders
  90. Understanding Frustration and Meltdowns in Children
  91. Certificate in Play based Treatment of Trauma
  92. Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS)
  93. Engaging children with Special Needs in Learning Functional Numeracy of Money Skills
  94. Providing positive behaviour support to students with complex emotional and behavioural disorders
  95. Teaching Reading and Reading Comprehension to Students with Special Needs
  96. Promoting Positive Interactions and Language Learning the Hanen Way in Children with Autism and Related Communication Disorders
  97. Imparting Life Skills
  98. Executive Functioning And Theory Of Mind
  99. Art Therapy in Action Workshop